Longfloor where contacted by the owners of Oaklands Wedding Venue in the dark depths of winter to discuss an exciting project build that was due to begin in January for an exclusive wedding venue in a very rural area of East Yorkshire. The brief was very specific, a total floor area of 560m2, on an accelerated build plan and the screed must be dry for covering within 21 days after installation.

A pre-contract meeting was held with the owners to discuss the exact requirements and how Longfloor could help them in their build journey. We offered a full specification and through Longfloor’s rigorous performance testing where able to meet and exceed all the minimum design requirements. The perfect product for this build was IntegraCure and the reasons for offering this product was due to the bay size increase of a maximum of 250m2 and the non-requirement of an applied curing agent. We where also asked to recommend 3 local screed applicators and a local supplying source for the IntegraCure product.

Screedflow Ltd. won the supply and installation contract and looked after the Oaklands team through onsite training with the correct installation of insulation, visqueen and perimeter edge strip. Full planning commenced for the day of the pour including mapping a specific route delivery route and the supplying depot by BREEDON had sufficient trucks to supply on the day of installation.

On the day of the installation everything went to plan, 3 trucks on turnaround for the 40m3 required. The product travelled from BREEDON Hull for 1 hour 20 minutes and didn’t lose any flow once tested on site. The product was pumped a total distance of 70 meters through a Putzmeister SP20 screed pump. A fantastic finish was achieved by the Screedflow team and a contract completed to be proud of.

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