Step 1 – Preparing the sub-base to receive a Longfloor Screed product


  • Longfloor should only be laid on a well prepared substrate
  • Screed can be bonded directly to concrete, un-bonded over a separation membrane (polythene), on acoustic insulation (floating floor) or directly over underfloor heating pipes
  • Edge strips around perimeters, hard standings and pipes are required.
  • Screed thickness can be achieved by the use of laser and tripods across the floor
  • Ensure good ventilation in building

Step 2 – Pouring


  • Flow test verified before product discharge from delivery vehicle
  • Usually discharged from truckmixer through a pump and conveyed to floor area by hose
  • Commence pour at furthest point from pump and work towards exit using tripods as appropriate
  • Longfloor to be finished with the use of a dapple bar or dapple brush

Step 3 – Screed surface finish


  • Longfloor product to be smoothed with the use of a dapple bar or dapple brush, ensuring this process is in 2 passes at 90 degrees
  • Curing Agent – only use “LongCure” specially developed curing agent to assist with the curing process.  Refer to the Longcure technical data sheet for information on the correct application of this material.
  • Ensure the building is well ventilated, once again for assistance during the curing process