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Longfloor IntegraCure Rap7D is here!

Longfloor IntegraCure “Rap7D” will offer industry changing drying time performance from a liquid screed system.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid drying cement-based liquid screed system
  • Screed is fully dry seven days after installation (based on 50mm thickness)
  • Able to receive all types of floor coverings at seven days
  • Non-moisture sensitive floor covering can be installed in as little as five days
  • Reaches 75% R/H (2.5% Concrete Moisture) at seven days
  • Reaches 85% R/H (3.5% Concrete Moisture) at five days
  • Enhanced strength performance – sold as CT30/F7
  • Can be laid at thinner sections (performance data to be confirmed)
  • UFH systems can be commissioned earlier than with any other liquid screed system
  • Enhanced pumpability and mix rheology
  • No impact upon other Longfloor IntegraCure product characteristics
  • Is a liquid additive supplied by Longfloor to our stockists. Is added during the normal batching process
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Moisture Content

“By using the illustrated Sorption Isotherm graph which has been calibrated to show how moisture content within the screed is equivalent to relative humidity (RH) as a percentage.  As a general rule, non-moisture sensitive floor coverings such as tiling can be laid when the screed has a relative humidity of between 80-85%. Moisture sensitive floor coverings such as vinyl require the relative humidity to be at 75% before installation.

It can be seen from the graph that for a cement based screed the moisture content (CM) needs to be at 3% to achieved a relative humidity of 80%. Longfloor IntegraCure Rap7D achieves this value in as little as five days after installation.

To achieve a relative humidity of 75% and the floor to be dry enough to receive all types of floor finish the CM reading needs to be at 2.5%. Longfloor IntegraCure rap7D achieves this in as little as seven days after installation.

There is no other flowing product available in the market with this drying time performance.  Equivalent cementitious systems take 21 days to dry and the fast drying anhydrite screeds quote a minimum of 14 days.  Anhydrite screeds need to be at 75% RH for any floor finish to be applied.”

Screed Moisture Graph
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