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liquid cement screed

Since the introduction of horizontally laid self-compacting concretes some 20 years ago and more recently, cementitious flowing screeds, these materials have all been bound by the same problem – the need to use a spray applied curing agent.

The curing agent is required to stop the material drying out too quickly which could result in plastic shrinkage cracking. It is a process reliant on selecting the correct curing agent for the product and application, ensuring the application equipment is of the right standard and the material is sprayed at the correct dosage. More often than not, one or more of these processes does not take place, resulting in issues. IntegraCure completely removes this process from the installation of the screed.


Longfloor liquid cement screed is ideal for use both in houses and apartments. It can be supplied as a C20 or C25mm/N2 compressive strength product


Longfloor liquid cement screed works particularly well with underfloor heating systems. It can be supplied as a C20 or C25mm/N2 compressive strength product.


Longfloor liquid cement screed is ideal for use in the commercial sector. It can be supplied as a C20 or C30mm/N2 compressive strength product.

Easy Installation

Installation, following a three stage process, is straightforward with almost zero manual handling. Full training can be provided by the Longfloor team.


Latest News

Proud to announce that Cemex has joined our stockist network.

We are pleased to announce an exciting new addition to the Longfloor stockist network!  Following successful mix design verification and plant trials, Cemex at their Ryall plant are now in a position to supply Longfloor IntegraCure.  This opens up a significant new...

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Oaklands Wedding Venue – East Yorkshire

Oaklands Wedding Venue – East Yorkshire

Longfloor where contacted by the owners of Oaklands Wedding Venue in the dark depths of winter to discuss an exciting project build that was due to begin in January for an exclusive wedding venue in a very rural area of East Yorkshire. The brief was very specific, a...

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