Reduced Installation Time

 Liquid cement screed laid at 10 times the speed of traditional screed.

Reduced Installation Cost

 Labour cost dramatically reduced by elimination of manual handling

Reduced Drying Time

 Foot traffic after 24hrs. Apply non moisture floor finishes after 14 days

Cement Compatability

Suitable for wet rooms. 
Contamination risks eradicated. No adverse cement-calcium sulphate reactions. Works with all flooring adhesives


Longfloor liquid cement screed is ideal for use both in houses and apartments. It can be supplied as a C20 or C25mm/N2 compressive strength product


Longfloor liquid cement screed works particularly well with underfloor heating systems. It can be supplied as a C20 or C25mm/N2 compressive strength product.


Longfloor liquid cement screed is ideal for use in the commercial sector. It can be supplied as a C20 or C30mm/N2 compressive strength product.

Product Information

  • Factory manufactured from quality approved materials
  • Delivered by concrete truck mixer
  • Flow range 260-280mm – very free flowing /self levelling but low water/cement ratio
  • Longfloor not susceptible to crazing / cracking or curling
  • 1000m² + on a daily visit with 100m²-150m² without movement joints
  • Used in domestic, commercial & underfloor heating sectors
  • Compatible with all cement based tile adhesives
  • Can be laid at 25mm thickness
  • Can be laid in wet areas
  • Laitance free – no requirement to sand the surface
  • Drying times one third of some alternative systems
  • Foot traffic typically after 24 hours
  • Based on calcium carbonate (limestone) powder

Easy Installation

Installation, following a three stage process, is straightforward with almost zero manual handling. Full training can be provided by the Longfloor team.


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