Liquid Cement Screed

Liquid floor screed is an essential flooring component that is laid on top of concrete and provides a smooth, sturdy and level surface area as a base for the final floor covering. With its free-flowing consistency, liquid floor screed achieves a flawless finish underneath ceramic tiles, linoleums, vinyl and all types of wooden and carpet floors while offering adequate support to endure traffic.

It is ideal for domestic, commercial, and industrial projects and can be supplied as a C20 or C25mm/N2 compressive strength product.

Liquid Screed Product Benefits

Produced by approved manufacturers with quality approved materials

Delivered by concrete truck mixer

Flow range is 260-280mm – very free flowing /self levelling but low water/cement ratio

Longfloor not susceptible to crazing / cracking or curling

1000m2 + on a daily visit with 100 – 150m2 without movement joints

Used in domestic, commercial & underfloor heating sectors

Compatible with all cement based tile adhesives

Can be laid at 25mm thickness

Drying times quicker than alternative systems

No requirement to sand the surface (laitance free)

Can be laid in wet areas

Can be foot trafficked after 24 hours

Longfloor binder contains 95% recycled content

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