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Longfloor is a dry powder bulk binder for the manufacture of a cement based liquid screed to a specification BS EN 13813:2002. Liquid screeds are also referred to as self-levelling or flowing. The binder is delivered in bulk powder tankers for storage in a silo. They are typically manufactured in specialist screed and mortar or ready mixed concrete batching plants, either through a pan mixer or batched straight in to a lorry mounted rotating drum mixer.

Longfloor binder consists principally of very fine high purity ground limestone, (calcium carbonate) powder plus a suite of dry chemical reagents and admixtures. The limestone powder assists flow and has cementitious properties which reduces the amount of cement required.

Other reagents and admixtures reduce water demand, assist flow and act to counter bleeding and shrinkage.

Longfloor binder is added to a fine aggregate, cement and water and delivered by concrete mixer truck from a stockists plant. Further liquid flow or retarder admixtures may also be added prior to placing.

Longfloor binder is manufactured by Longcliffe Quarries Ltd, a company with a 90 year history of quarrying and processing the exceptionally chemically pure Bee Low limestone in the White Peak area of Derbyshire.

The company’s main business is supplying ground calcium carbonates to the animal feeds, glass manufacturing and sealants and adhesives industries. A family owned independent company, it is the second largest industrial grade limestone powder manufacturer and supplier in the UK.

Longcliffe Quarries mills and classifies half a million tonnes of limestone powders a year

Lonfgcliffe Quarries not only grinds limestone powders, it also grinds, blends and bags calcium oxides and hydroxides and manufactures a unique high density milk of lime. Products are exported to the USA and Europe.


Longfloor binder is manufactured at Longcliffe Quarries works at Brassington, Derbyshire. Key to the process is the fine ground limestone (calcium carbonate) powder which is the major ingredient.

  • Longcliffe employs its own equipment and staff at every stage in order to provide traceability and product quality.
  • The raw material powders are selected, ground and classified with production checks at every stage.
  • Specialist lab equipment is used hourly to determine particle size distribution and chemistry.

Longfloor binder is manufactured in a purpose built state of the art milling and blending facility. Chemical reagents and admixtures addition is a careful process involving in weight feeders and automatic starvation alarms. This ensures that all products contain precisely the intended formulation.

Longfloor is the subject of UK Patent Application Number 1808868.2

Quality Management

The company’s manufacturing operations are externally certified and audited under the internationally recognised EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System. In addition, all materials supplied into the animal feed and associated industries are certified to FEMAS, whilst transport for such materials is certified to the TASCC scheme for road haulage.


Sales and Technical Support

Matlock based LONGFLOOR employs sales and technical professionals to back up all aspects of the product and to provide practical support to stockists and applicators. We have a full concrete testing lab where stockist specific mixes are designed and product properties assessed.

Sales and technical training and certification is offered to stockists and applicators. We also offer lead generation and introductions and accompanied visits to customers.