Commercial concrete screed

Longfloor provides the ideal solution for the commercial sector.

Longfloor liquid cement screed is ideal for use in the commercial sector. It can be supplied as a C20 or C30mm/N2 compressive strength product. Benefits are as follows:-

  • Thinner sections than conventional products i.e. from 25mm
  • No joint requirement up to 100 – 150m2
  • Areas up to 1000m2 can be laid in one site visit
  • Risk of crazing, cracking and curling severely reduced
  • Minimal wastage
  • Foot trafficking after 24 hours
  • Can be used in wet rooms
  • Drying times better than traditional screeds and calcium sulphate screeds
  • Truly free flowing / self -compacting product which self levels
  • No site revisits to sand floor (laitance free)

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