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Longfloor Th7n 

Longfloor Th7n is a specifically engineered low profile self-levelling cementitious liquid floor screed. Longfloor Th7n is a combination of Longfloor binder, Retanol Xtreme Pro 1, cement, water and a sand which is compatible. Longfloor Th7n is a high performing screed which complies with BSEN 13813:2002.

Longfloor Th7n has been designed for use in low profile screeds at depths ranging from 12 to 50mm, giving the end user an alternative option to an SLU material or a traditional sand and cement screed.

Features & Benefits

Benefits Of Longfloor Th7n

  • Thin Section – Up to 70% less compared to traditional screed
  • Light Weight – Down to 24kg/m2 when bonded, offering up to a 70% lighter solution compared to traditional screed
  • Versatility – Suitable for most floor conditions and all different types of floor finishes
  • Cost Savings – Readymix solution, no on site mixing required, no need for bag storage or disposal, ensures high productivity
  • Ease of placement – High fluidity, no reinforcement required
  • Less labour intensive – Self compacting
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Technical Information

Longfloor Th7n is produced in an ISO 9001 quality-controlled environment and meets the requirements of BS EN 13813:2002.

Compressive strength      C30
Flexural Strength              F8
Minimum Thickness          Bonded – 12mm
Unbonded – 20mm
Floating Domestic – 35mm
Commercial – 40mm
Low profile underfloor heating systems – 12mm above pipe
Drying shrinkage              <0.5mm/m

Flow Rate                         260 – 280
Fresh Density                   2100 – 2200 kg/m3
Substrate Type                 Suitable for most substrates
Surface Irregularity          SR2 – BS 8204-7

ISCR Test                         Category A
Foot Traffic                       24 – 48hrs
Maximum Bay Sizes        Unheated = 250m²
Heated = 100m²
(floor area ratio to be considered)

The depths stipulated above are based on a standard thermal insulation being used, screeds can be installed at reduced depths if a higher strength insulation is used. For further guidance please contact our Technical Team.

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