We we’re delighted to hear about a contractor utilising Longfloor for a particularly tricky job. Express Liquid Screeds explain the challenges they faced and how Longfloor was the perfect solution in this article:

‘This was a lovely little installation for a new customer in Bognor Regis. Due to the tight timescales having fallen behind on other works, it was important for this customer to be able to install their floor covering quickly. With this cement based liquid screed solution, we were able to deliver just that! Using forced drying methods means that the customer can install floor coverings over their screed within 14 days. Combined with the fact that this liquid screed product requires no laitance removal and no priming prior to bonding, it was a win, win for everybody. We cleaned up and left a very happy customer!’

For more information visit the Express Liquid Screeds website /www.expressliquidscreeds.co.uk/

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