North Newbald Village Hall in East Yorkshire had struggled with delays in the build process due to weather and supplier issues throughout the build. The original specification for the floor screed was to have a 60mm Anhydrite/Calcium Sulphate flowing screed installed with multiple finishes including linoleum, carpet and engineered timber flooring over 125m2 without any expansion or contraction joints designed into the floor detail. If the build process had gone to plan, then the acceptance of 80 days of drying for the original floor screed design using Anhydrite/Calcium Sulphate was acceptable.

Chris and Phil at Screedflow responded to their client’s plea for a solution that could speed up the installation and drying process off the floor screed. A new design was submitted at a depth of 50mm using the only guaranteed choice for drying and in situ performance within this local geography and specified Longfloor as the preferred cementitious flowing fast drying screed supplied by BREEDON under their SwiftscreedLF brand. With excellent site preparation and now an enclosed building envelope the installation and final floor installation time was cut by 75% to 21 days and the project was placed back on schedule. This wasn’t the only advantage and benefit given to their client, the need to grind the surface, create a key and use a liquid prime to seal the surface was removed due to the use of Longfloor adding a time benefit and cost saving per m2. With our product’s unique design process, a micro key is made available for the use of any adhesive suitable for the application of bonding to a cement-based substrate product without any further floor preparation required for standard floor coverings. High value coverings e.g. Karndean do have a specific installation requirement and we would always advise to follow the manufacture guidelines for final floor covering requirements.

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