Liquid floor screed offers a number of benefits, including easy installation and fast drying times. However, it can also be used in a variety of different settings, which we will take a closer look at below. From domestic to commercial properties, there really is no limit to its uses.


Liquid floor screed is suitable for use in apartments, flats, houses, extensions and new builds for a variety of applications, including wet rooms. It can provide a finishing layer to internal floors or be used to level a floor prior to the application of tiles, carpet, wood and resin coatings.


Commercial properties require durable and hardwearing floors due to high traffic volumes. It’s also important that the liquid floor screed is fast and easy to install to ensure minimal downtime. Liquid screed is commonly used by industries such as medical, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and warehousing. However, it’s not uncommon to find liquid floor screed in schools, universities, colleges and public buildings.

Underfloor heating

In regards to heating, liquid floor screed can be used to cover or bury electric and water pipes that are used in an underfloor heating system. This helps to aid the transport of heat and deliver the best performance possible.

Why choose liquid floor screed for these applications?

Liquid floor screed offers a number of benefits no matter which setting it is being installed in. Not only is it applied in thinner sections than traditional screeds, but there is minimal risk of cracking, crazing or curling, and it dries quickly (it can be walked on after 24 hours). Liquid screed also reduces wastage and is free-flowing, meaning it self levels. When you choose liquid floor screed for your domestic or commercial project, you won’t have to arrange for your floor to be sanded either.

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