Though liquid cement screed is largely designed for bigger projects such as commercial and industrial properties, it has now become popular for residential buildings as well. If you’re considering liquid cement screed installed for your flooring, we have compiled its advantages for residential properties.

Efficient For Heating Systems

One of the reasons screed has become a standard in the construction of homes is the recent boom in underfloor heating. This in-floor heating system is considered to be more efficient compared to convection heating. Whichever system you choose, wet, dry, pipe or cable, it can provide radiant heat throughout your building. Liquid cement screed is vital to this type of heating system. It allows for the efficient transfer of heat and also retains heat for long periods making it more economical.

Liquid cement screed is the ideal cover for your underfloor heating system as it also provides a strong protective layer. It can cover the pipework completely and consequently eliminate gaps that would have prevented heat from transferring to the floor.

Types of liquid screed

The most common liquid screeds are based on a material called anhydrite, aka gypsum of calcium sulphate screeds. These have good thermal conductivity and resistance to cracking, however, laitance has to sanded from the surface and a primer added before the application of certain tile types. It is also unsuitable for use in wet areas as contact with water causes it to quickly fail (think plaster walls after a flood).

The alternative, liquid cement screed, is based on Portland cement and dries in a third the time of anhydrite screeds, typically 20 days rather than 60. A cement-based liquid screed does not have any laitance to remove and can be applied in wet areas.

Glossy Finish

Liquid cement screed creates a smooth and even surface that could easily accommodate different floor coverings such as carpet or tiles. Because it is self-levelling, it does not require the use of men on their hands and knees using levelling boards, unlike the traditional screed installation. This makes it more efficient to install, saving you time and manpower.

If you are looking to have your home installed with liquid cement screed, we at Longfloor can provide quality assured cement-based screed. Whether it is required during construction or if you are currently renovating your home, we can recommend a suitable installer for our liquid cement screed package. For inquiries or more information please contact us on 01629 540 284 or email us at