MIXIT Logo - Long FloorProject: New store at ICON Outlet – The O2, Greenwich, London

Approved Installer: Flowing Floors Ltd

Benefits of MIXIT-FLO (CT-C25/F4):

  • Speed of construction – 921m2 installed in 1 day
  • Drying times quicker than alternative systems – 50mm screed thickness dries in 21 days
  • No laitance or sanding required after installation
  • Free flowing, self-compacting screed with very low water:cement ratio producing highly durable floor – SR2 finish (BS 8204-7)
  • Longfloor binder contains 95% recycled content
  • Mixit-Flo screed with LongCure (curing agent) applied at approximate dosage rate of 1Litre per 10m2.
Liquid Cement Screed
Liquid Floor Product

Finished ‘hardened’ floor with crack induced joints being tidied up.