Main Contractor – PDS Property (Derbyshire Ltd)

The 2 storey farmhouse has recently undergone a total refurbishment, with tight completion challenges, as part of the contract, awarded to PDS (Derbyshire) Ltd.

The entire ground floor (140m2) had the old floor ripped out with a requirement to replace and install underfloor heating. Following on from the old floor coming out, there was a total depth of 300mm which had to be “made good”. This programme was made more challenging, given the floor layout, with several smaller type rooms leading from the main living area.

100mm sub floor was laid then 2000 grade DPC, leading on from this Insulation boards, to a depth of 150mm were laid, with underfloor heating pipes fitted on top. That then left a requirement for Longfloor liquid cement screed to be poured at an average thickness of 60mm, totally encompassing the pipes and taking the floor finish back to the required level.

Following on from this process Phil Roobottom (PDS) said he was pleased with the entire installation.

“My lads took less than 1 day to lay both the insulation and fit the pipes, followed on the day after with 2 hours to pour the Longfloor product. Such are the early drying properties associated with Longfloor I was able to turn the heating on after 7 days. This entire floor installation process has saved me several days in comparison to other alternative methods. In addition there was no need to revisit the site to remove surface laitance from the surface”

“We had painters and decorators foot trafficking the floor three days after pouring. This is the second time we have used Longcliffe Longfloor, the only thing I would like to mention is the drying time is varied dependant on temperature as is any other liquid floor product. I was delighted with the outcome and would have no hesitation in recommending the use of Longfloor liquid cement screed”.

Phil Roobottom
Owner – PDS Property (Derbyshire) Ltd