Applying liquid floor screed is different from concrete, though there are many people who wrongly assume they are one and the same thing. Knowing the difference can help you make the most of your new flooring, so here are the key aspects you need to bear in mind:

How are they similar?

The ingredients and base of both concrete and screed are almost the same, with both of them including aggregates, water and cement. This forms a paste-like substance, which hardens through the chemical process of hydration. Both surfaces are strong and durable, which is probably where a lot of the confusion comes in.

The differences

Liquid screed and concrete end up being two different materials due to the aggregates used. In concrete, the aggregates are larger, resulting in a coarse paste with harder elements allowing for greater strength that lasts over a long period of time. Due to its strength concrete tends to be commonly found on construction sites and is a popular material for creating structures. As far as manmade materials go, it’s the world’s most used.

With screed, the aggregates used in the mix are smaller and fewer than in concrete, which makes the paste a lot smoother. Typically, screed is the topcoat that goes over concrete to finish it off, especially when the floor will be inside. It can then be covered by anything from carpet to tiles or even wood (subject to following manufacturer guidelines). Screed can also come in many colours, so is a popular finish in hospitals, avoiding a bare concrete appearance.

Screed isn’t usually used outside and is useful for keeping thermal insulation and heating systems covered. However, if screed is to be used outside, it needs to me polymer-modified to resist harsher environments and damp.

Although many people have combined concrete and screed in one mixture, this is often an unreliable approach to take. The properties and ratios are often incorrect, meaning the floor can delaminate(peel), collapse, crack over time, or once dry.

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